Friday, May 6, 2011

women who inform my style (part 1)

Sammi Sadler - UK

I first spotted Sammi modelling threads for Nudee Dudee. She's the kind of woman
that gets the "Who is that?" reaction. With her modern take on 40s-styling and her
immaculate grooming, she totally inspires me. After some snooping
(aka Google-stalking) I tracked her down to Miss L Fire shoes (and I fell in love AGAIN).

Thanks Seriously Ruined for the pics. :)


  1. Isn't her hair fabulous? Wish mine would do that! And Miss L Fire shoes are super awesome too :)

  2. wowee! I love her style! x

  3. I love her style to! She was in a documentary over here in blighty a few years back I will see if I can find a link to it on the net and I'll do a post!