Friday, June 22, 2012

new shoes, new earrings

I got these fabbo Prada-rip-off earrings last night from Lovisa -
love! These are my new shoes (it's the end of financial year sales)
I got for $50 - but I literally took them out of the box (which was
hidden in my car from my other half) and put them on my feet
and went to work - without weather-proofing them. Oops.
I hope they dry out okay. :/ How good is the heel?


  1. Love the new shoes and your awesome tights!

  2. I love those shoes! You always pick fantastic shoes with gorgeous chunky heels. Oh and those earrings are divine! Not to mention those tights!!

  3. Oh I hope the shoes do dry out okay Tallulah - they are soooo pretty (what a fabulous colour)!! Love how you've kept the attention on the accessories with this outfit, they work beautifully :))

    Catherine x

  4. Everything is just perfect! You have the best shoes ever! x

  5. Your stockings are adorable! And the shoes are a fab find, I do hope they dried out ok, I never remember to weatherproof my shoes till its too late...

  6. The heels are amazing and the color aswell!

  7. Pretty tights and pretty shoes!

  8. Eek. Did the shoes clean up? I saw them today but managed to avoid all sale items.

    1. oh those shoes and tights make my heart skip a beat!!! love them!

  9. Hope your shoes dried ok. They sure are cute!
    PS Bangs are almost at my chin now & were relatively pain free to grow out, but that could be because I didn't take any photos during that 'awkward' stage ... :)