Saturday, September 8, 2012

a saturday night on etsy

My beloved bought me this deadstock 1960s 
Bergdorf Goodman dress for my upcoming birthday.

I grabbed this set of seven floral vintage greeting cards as I
am planning some more tattoos and these images are perfect.

I lost it when I saw these cute-as-a-button buttons, so I 
snapped them up to add to one of my vintage cardigans.

If/when we eventually get pregnant, I am adding these to my 
little one's cot. I had a flashback (need to verify this with Mum)
to my own cot that had a decal just like these. :)

I am going to start buying vintage cards and putting them away 
for birthdays, weddings etc. I do this already with modern cards
but it would be special to have vintage ones to choose from also.

I need to collect some vintage plastic flowers to decorate the house. 

Last but certainly not least, I am besotted with this ridiculous
poodle shadow box. I totally forgot about these until I spied this one.


  1. Nice finds! I especially love those'll have to show us the finished cardi, of course! I love vintage cards, too, that way you *know* the recipient won't get the same card from someone else!

  2. I had no idea a poodle shadow box existed but now I totally want one. Those decals are super cute too. And I have a vintage stationery addiction. There are so many lovely old cards!

  3. such quirky and precious finds. love the buttons so very much! :D

  4. That poodle box is just the best thing ever, I want it! x

  5. i could kill for those poodles ... oh i have to show you the vintage poodle my bf got for me!

  6. All fab bits n pieces - I LOOOVE the poodle box!! Sarah xxx

  7. I want absolutely EVERYTHING you have posted. EVERYTHING! My cot had wee little kitten decals - I can't imagine anything cuter!

  8. I want the shadow box more than anything!! It's trash-a-rama! Fingers crossed you get to used the decal's soon, you lovely ladies xxx