Saturday, September 1, 2012

stuff i'm wanting/needing/enjoying

These cigarette pants from Topshop.

I am crazy about this vintage-look lamp from Modcloth.

 This lion cushion from Lark.

These Sneaky Fox tights.

Cat Shaming - check it out.

Patchwork pouf from Modcloth.


  1. Just checked out cat shaming- what a great concept. I wonder if there is a similar one for dogs?Rx

  2. OH! Those pants! I neeeeed them :-)
    The cat pic is hilarious...I just discovered the "dog shaming" site the other's so funny/sad.
    I'm going to go check out the cat shaming immediately...I have a kitty who could use some shaming from time to time, but unlike dogs, I'm pretty sure cats are incapable of feeling shame!

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