Tuesday, September 4, 2012

payday purchases

I was alerted to these AMAZING stockings by

These Grosby boots (they were $25 on sale and a comfy brand).

This top on sale at ASOS.

These pants on sale from ASOS.

I have this odd thing where 99% of the stuff I buy new
is on sale. I can't handle playing full price for anything.
It is a game I play with myself to see how low I can go
before missing out. Occassionally, if something is super-
specuil and not too pricey I will cave in an buy it at RRP.


  1. i am loving those tights. i would be too scared to wear them though in fear of tearing a run into them!

  2. Lol, glad I'm not teh only one who plays that game! It's just when I know it'll go on sale eventually, I can help but feel it's a waste to pay full-price! (unless it's something really special, but even then... :P) x

  3. Oh my, I need those tights in my life!! :D