Friday, September 14, 2012

thank god it's friday

What I wore.

What I purchased (from etsy).

A look I attempted and failed at this week. My hair is too short,
it appears, to weave any good length of material through. It ended
up with a few cms of vintage floral material, mostly hidden in my
braids with random tiny bits poking out here and there. They were
totally undetectable in my outfit post that day.

Hairstyle I will be attempting next week. Braids and flowers.

What I will be buying when I get paid Tuesday: Paumes interiors books.

I found a great new place to get tights.

Dress I would totally buy if it wasn't $375.99 from Modcloth.

A thrifted needlepoint I picked up this week. 


  1. I lurve that dress and would love to see you attempt that darling milch fraulein hair do x

  2. I want to try to that braided hairstyle, Love it!


  3. I want that dress too..but yikes at the price!!
    Now Im going to stalk that tights link you shared ;) thanks!

    1. i love your pink tights! and that braided hairstyles, this weekend we have a folk festival which is similiar to the oktoberfest where everybody dresses in dirndl;) so i hope i can make something like that with my hair. ...
      and gosh i love this cardigan you purchased from etsy!
      it´s a dream!