Saturday, September 29, 2012

weekend alteration projects

I am slightly tempted to keep this one long as I feel so glam.
Problem is that I would very rarely wear it. If I take it up to 
just under my knee, I will rock it day and night. I adopted
this little lady this week for $10 from Savers.

Here is my $12.99 beauty. Again, she is getting a shortening
just to make her more wearable. There are two tabs at the waist
where button used to live. I picked up the below cuties, but now
I am thinking some big vintage babies. Opinions?


  1. Chop, chop and two new wearable frocks! Absolutely gorge hon and you have spare fabric to play with! I'm hopeless with buttons - I have a tin full of buttons I've bought then changed my mind about! xo

  2. Could you turn those cute buttons into earrings? I'm convinced that when I'm on maternity I'm going to take up a sewing class.Rx

  3. Both are gorgeous and will work brilliantly either short or left long. The offcuts would make for fabulous cushion covers. x

  4. Lovely dresses, which I am sure will be even lovelier once you work your magic. I have so many alterations but so little energy to do them! xx

  5. ugh I just typed out a long comment and then Blogger made it go away and I don't want to retype it. Basically, I like those buttons :)

    Mona (formerly Mabel)