Sunday, May 1, 2011

thrifted bone china tennis set

Yay! I've had my eye out for an English bone china tennis set for aggges and
I finally found a gorgeous one in an opshop on my sunny interstate jaunt. It makes
it that bit more special and satisfying if you hunted it down yourself as opposed to
shopping for it on ebay or etsy, don't you agree? Mine (pictured above) is eggshell
blue with gold trimming and I just adore it. The lady at Vinnies told me that there had
been two matching sets in pink and green, but someone else snapped them up.
Damn! On the bright side both pieces survived the plane trip home. :)


  1. Ooh yes, this is a good find. Why would someone buy the other two and leave this one?

    It's tea and bickies weather now for sure. That looks very tempting - I think I might have to go and make myself a cup of tea right now!

  2. Oh pretty! And I love how you've accessorised with Scotch Fingers.

  3. Yay Scotch Fingers, quite possibly the best cookie for a winters night! You have the best taste for thrifted goodies, I'm wildly impressed with your latest find and if I didn't agreed whole-heartedly with your comment on treasure-hunting, I'd jump online and buy myself a cup just like this one. Interestingly enough my lastest lust-have is Royal Doulton's 100 years limited edition set of cups and plates, from 1900-2000, each decade makes me drool! Especially the green polka-dotted 1930's set, beautiful! Anyway, I'll stop jabbering... :P xox