Tuesday, September 18, 2012

chair fabric chosen

I did a post a few days ago about Heather's dad's special chair we
were having reupholstered. Well, this evening Derek came over to 
have a look at the chair and decide on a fabric. The above is what
 we settled on. The chair won't be fully this fabric, it will be primarily
brown fabric and the seat of it will be the above pattern. 

Below is an example of a chair in the same fabric in Shamrock Furniture.


  1. Lovely! It's going to look amazing!

  2. Perfect fabric for the chair. My parents had a similar chair when I was growing up.

  3. that's a super cute fabric, kinda reminds me of some of the 90s raver fabric shirts I used to have, though obviously it's 50s style

  4. Love it!!! Still has a really retro feel about it.

  5. Wow that chair looks amazing! You did a great job (: