Monday, September 10, 2012

monday - red vintage dress

Vintage dress - thrifted
Tights - Sportsgirl
Brooch - The Loved One
Shoes - Converse


  1. You look so good in red! Definitely your colour :) and I love that brooch. Sorry I haven't been around, I've been so busy and have barely looked at the blogger site for a month. Chomby got a girlfriend! I will post some photos soon xxx

  2. Hehehe oh you are so funny!! Hey both of our boys like their ladies big, how awesome is that :) A cat flap...that is so funny, I can just imagine!

    Aww, lil petstock bun. I did the same at Pets Paradise Melbourne Central, my friend Joelle and I were outraged at them having something like 13 bunnies in a 2 story trolley hutch AND guinea pigs. So we took turns going in every day with Oaten hay, whinging about the bird seed shit that they were feeding the buns, the living conditions, giving the bunnies Oaten hay (which they went mad over) and we got our other bunny peeps to contact the RSPCA. It worked, some buns were moved to another store, they set up an extra hutch and we made friends with a guy called Willie who works there. He took one of the buns home and started giving them proper hay. unfortunately they quickly slipped back into old habits, but now Pets Paradise stores are shutting down, hooray!

    Aww bunny love is the best kind of love. It's so nice to meet other rabbit freaks in blog land xxx

  3. I Love your smile. And the dress is CUTE. xx

  4. Awesome vintage dress! I like how you paired it with the yellow polka dot tights. Looks so cheerful. Hugs from Miss Maple

  5. fun dress ... the little fringe collar is cute.

  6. you're so cute!! I love this dress with the tights and converse xxx