Monday, September 24, 2012

restyle in cream

The $5.99 thrifted dress I wore a couple of weeks ago.
Vintage '60s shoes I should wear more often.
Tights that are being held together with clear nailpolish. :)
Cardigan half price ($20) from Cotton On.

I think it works with the light colour as well as it did with the dark.


  1. So brave! I say this because I'm really scared to try white tights- goodness knows why as I've tried ever other colour!Rx

  2. I'm totally jel of you being able to rock cream tights so well. But I hear you on the nail polish!
    And jeeeez, those shoes! Too fab. Mid-heels are bloody godsends.
    Hope you've been well Miss T :)

  3. Yes! The frock goes fabulous with light AND dark!
    I love cream,it's just that bit softer than white.The shoes are FABULARSE!XXX