Monday, October 24, 2011

list for santa

Fracas eau de parfum.

Trashy Diva dress.

Art deco necklace from etsy.

Sunbscription to UK Elle.

Some more fluffy chickens.

Modcloth dress.

Twin Peaks DVD box set.

Lea Stein brooch.

Royal Albert teaware.

Endota Spa voucher.

My other half asked me to think about what I would like for Christmas.
This is my wish list. Obviously I won't get the all, perhaps one or two.
Stuff that I'd never buy for myself - either too expensive or just frivolous.


  1. Silkies!!!! :D :D :D
    Also, the royal albert range... my dream! I've been visiting DJ's and Myer all year carefully checking to see if the prices have dropped, definately on my birthday and christmas list! I especially love the 1930's-1950's ones.
    That perfume also looks great, I love the design (I'm guilty of falling for perfumes bottles rather than smells... what's its' scent?) xox

  2. I absolutely love that you included chickens on this list!

  3. Oh I need twin peaks too, and that velvet dress is gorgeous! x

  4. LOl @ Sarah, you cannot choose perfume becuase of the bottle design. Fracas smells like buttery roses. It is just heaven (and costs the earth!).

  5. Holy crap, that velvet dress....PERFECT for Christmas!