Tuesday, October 11, 2011

home ec online

Remember Home Ec classes in high school? I was too busy being the class idiot
 to actually learn anything, but after seeing this course, am thinking I may give it a
bash and second time round I'll be the model student. This e-course looks super-fun.


  1. I was SHIT at home ec at school,and not interested anyways!! How times change! I reckon I'd be ever so good second time round!! This does look great!xxx

  2. I loved sewing & cooking classes in school (housewife wannabe, thats me)

    But mainly I roped my mum into completing my assignments, does that count? haha

    The course sounds great, especially with the tips and faqs, most problems are sorted by just reading those.

    If you do it, please review!

    Talitha xx