Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bunny speed-dating

Mr Black, my new bunny, is going speed-dating at the RSPCA on Saturday.
He will meet these three ladies and spend approximately 20 minutes with each.
Then we will determine which lady he liked the best and who was sweet on him...
and then we will be adopting him a wife. We have a new luxurious pad for two on
order, so they can move into their martial home together. Bliss. The first lady is
Smokey, the second is Divini and the last is Hazel. It is all so exciting.


  1. That is so cute, let us know how it goes. What if Mr Black wants a couple of wives?

  2. Unfortunately (for him), Mr Black's pocket-money only extends to a new deluxe hutch and one wife.

  3. Aw, how can you possibly choose?! They are all adorable!