Thursday, October 6, 2011

the one hundred-compliment dress

I bought this little lady from ASOS. The brand is Whistles and I stalked
it until it was half price, then I bought two: one orange, one purple. I was
a little disappointed when I receieved them, not with the quality, but the
dress isn't really flattering on me. I could seriously wear it throughout an
entire pregnancy. That said, I've had so many compliments today - a
man stopped me in the street to to tell me he liked my dress. It has to be
the colour. All that said it is ridiculously comfortable and it has pockets!


  1. I would stop you in the street to tell you how cute the dress looks with those tights! And extra points for it being comfortable. Score!

  2. Make it one hundred and one! I think you look cute.

  3. This is super pretty! The color is really gorgeous, and I love how you have styled it.

  4. You look amazing in this dress!
    Your blog is so fracking adorable! Just found it today!


  5. so sweet to make me your stylicon-mom-to-be
    love the dress, and most of my pregnancy clothes are too big clothes - so keep a hold on this one and nothing that a belt can't fix!

  6. Well you certainly rock this look! Sweet dress and those tights are super cute too. Great outfit.