Saturday, October 8, 2011

best hair in blog-world

I find myself staring longingly at Kate from Scathingly Brilliant's
locks on a daily basis. If A) I had enough hair and B) If my hair
were not so dark, I would have black roots in one day, I would use
this lady as my hair inspiration. *sighs* So pretty. The colour, how
she styles it... heaven.


  1. it is really cute huh? i love her bow!

  2. That's lovely! I love how she and her outfits goes so well together with the background in every picture too! Always dress to match your surroundings ;)

  3. Love it... I'm really obsessed with pastel hair colours, they look so dreamy... :) xox

  4. I think I would explode from happiness if I had hair that pretty on my head. Just glorious.