Friday, October 28, 2011

frocks - '20s to '60s

Nicole Jenkins has a personal collection of vintage
 clothing over 7000 pieces. Can you imagine? These
are a two examples she brought along to an event she spoke
at on Thursday night to illustrate fashion of the 1920s. The first
is a garment that is meant to be worn under a heavily gown.
The second is a darling little day dress.

These two dresses are from the 1930s. It' a hard call, but I think they are
my favs. The first, a beaded dress, was formerly a part of Nicole's
wardrobe. Jealous. The second is currently  for sale in her store.

The above two are from the '40s. Check out the blue one - heaven!
Nicole's lovely assistant for the evening was my friend,  Katherine.

Ooohhh... the 1950s. Maybe these are my favs.

And finally, the sixties.


  1. I envy all those clothes, but you are able to see most?

  2. Oh gawd only two frocks from Circa? The audience must have been stomping on their cupcakes demanding more goodies!! If Nicole's shop windows were steamed up more than usual on Monday morning, it was probably from my licking of the glass the day before when the shop was CLOSED!! **Cue: tanty**. Haha!! I love the Melissa comment so much - what a pisser! xoxoxo

  3. Nothing like this ever happens at my library. 7000? Oh my! That is a good goal for myself. I always gravitate towards dresses when thrifting. There is nothing better. Thanks for this post. I'm going to have to check out her shop and book.