Wednesday, October 19, 2011

revlon’s #740 certainly red lipstick

I stumbled across this photographic project by Alyson Fox, A Shade of Red 
which is absolutely breath-taking. Alyson has published a book of 150
portraits she has shot for this project, which is available from her website.
All the women in the book, of varying ages and ethnicities, wear the
same colour and brand lippy - Revlon’s #740 Certainly Red lipstick.


  1. I remember a night out a few months ago. In the restroom I met two girls in front of the mirror. They both looked very modern and fashionable, and tall! They started talking to me - liking my vintage outfit, and my RED LIPS. They both said they wished they could wear red lipstick, but said they didn't dare! I guess only brave girls wear red lipstick! :)

  2. Red lips looks amazing all of these women. I used to wear red lipstick all the time until random people would ask me if I was related to Gwen Stefani.
    Maybe it's time that I should go back to my look.