Monday, October 31, 2011

hostessing gig

This is my good self at last years work Christmas party. I was one  of Santa's
 two helpers. My dress was made in record time by the awesome Jenni.

This year my friend Tam and I will be hosting the event. We have about
800 or 900 staff, so it's a decent size shindig and I have to look fab. I have
about six weeks to organise my "costume" and I'm VERY EXCITED.

After scouring etsy, Trashy Diva, Leona Edmiston,
  ebay, Stop Staring, Tara Starlet and Bettie Page, I have a shortlist.


Tara Starlet.

Bettie Page.

Stop Staring.

And these will all be finished off with little vintage hats of some kind.
Oh, and new shoes will need to be purchased. Naturally. Thoughts?


  1. They're all lovely, but I am partial to the Stop Staring dress! Scrumtious!

  2. Your dress from last year is to die for, I love the print! I would do something completely different for this year, so I would go with the green Bettie Page dress, I have found at most Christmas parties everyone is in a sea of red and black. Hope that helps!

  3. Oh oh my!!!!! The red rose is so beautiful, you would look so so pretty in that one. V

  4. Oh wow. If it helps, as I scrolled through each of the frocks I said, love, love, love and then got to the final and almost screamed LOVE!

    Have fun x

  5. They are all nice but I love the top one! Red is my favourite colour though so I am biased!

  6. I think you should go with the rose Stop Staring! dress. Maybe you could also try or Bagel says thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Mabel Time

  7. I think I like the green one the best :-) I've been eyeing it off myself for quite some time.

  8. I think the Modcloth option can't be beat!

    It's a pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  9. Thanks for your feedback, ladies. I trust and value your opinions.

    Miss Mabel, thank you for the links. I have found a lovely one on Pin Up Gril Clothing- argh, too many choices.

  10. You look so hot in your dress last year. I love all of your choices but I really like the green one the best. You Sexy Minx :)

  11. All of these choices are absolutely stunning! *___*

  12. The Stop Staring one is quite frankly heart-stoppingly beautiful, but then the Bettie Page one is just so classically glamorous! Tough call you got there, lady...xx