Saturday, April 7, 2012

can't talk. busy eating.

Willow (white, down-ears) and Mr Black (black, up-ears)
are busy eating as much as they can - they need lots
of energy tonight, as they will be delivering
chocolate eggs to all the local kids. :D


  1. Can you ask them not to forget me please.

  2. SO cute!! I had bunnies when I was a kid. I miss them. :)

  3. Oh wow, Willow and Mr Black are beautiful! When I was a kid, I told my mum that I wanted to be a bunny when I grew up. I was devastated when she told me it was impossible :(

    Your shoe collection is beyond belief by the way. And I totally hear you on the red shoesies front - they go with pretty much everything. Mine need re-heeling sadly, but as soon as I can collect the pennies to take 'em to the cobblers they're going to be back with a vengeance xx

  4. Haha I just got all your messages!!!!! Yay for Zoe, she told me something about someone visiting her and mentioning me :)

    I'm going to her in a couple of weeks actually!!

    Thank you for the engagement wishes too!!!

    I'll catch up on your many gorgeous posts during this week!!! Xxxxx

  5. Aww your bunnies are so cute!

    Have a very happy Easter!

  6. Bunnies!!!!!!! Awwww :)

    Happy Easter!!!!!

    Mabel Time

  7. oh gosh how cute are they!!! i love bunnies but with my cats and my dog at home it´s impossible to have them for me :(
    happy easter darling!

  8. Ahahaha rabbits!!!!! I am laughing like a loon right now... so cute!