Monday, April 23, 2012

monday mish mash post

Look at my hair? Could it be any flatter? Note to self: add a bit of volume.
It's going to be 16 degress tomorrow, it was 27 degrees just last week. Crazy!
Tights: Columbine, vintage blouse: thrifted, vintage pinafore: etsy, vintage shoes: etsy.

Gratuitous photo of Ziggy inserted above. One of the ups of
winter is that the cats spend lots more cuddle time inside. :D

I had a wonderful time learning how to make a hat from scratch on the
weekend. I've started the ball rolling re getting myself a hat block made,
so that I can start making little vintage-style half hats that you just can't
get anymore. Then open a 'lil etsy store. So many ideas. 

Medium Term Goals

* Do a millinery short course to learn how to make button hats/berets.

* Kick off our IVF treatment with Melbourne IVF
(we were formerly with Queensland IVF).

* Squeeze in one more tattoo before we start the IVF treatment
(will prob have to wait six months before harvesting eggs etc)

* Have a photoshoot with the newsest, most fabulous pinup
photographer on the block Cheech-O-Rama.

Who has some goals? Wanna share?


  1. cute outfit... it looks so god with the vespa... before i moved here in 2010 i sold my old old vespa scooter. sometimes i'm feel little sad about it.

  2. Ziggy looks very male-regal there. Is that your scooter/vespa thing? It's cool!
    I have two goals for the year so far: 1 - learn to drive and 2 - remember to make clothes seasonally! Summer frocks not so useful right about now. Building up the tatts would be good too.

  3. You look fab as always! It's so great to have goals, you're a fantastic and all stuff you can totally do! Get tat, then get baby, I hope it works out beautifully for you! I HAVE to do a painting this week before the competition deadline ends, that's my goal!
    Also... I love Ziggy
    And - I wish it was 16 degrees here!

  4. Oh man you've got some big, big things coming your way hon!! So, so envious of your millinery course, I have to read up on your experiences there - sounds SO exciting!!! Yep, get another one of your gorgeous tattoos, more beautiful artwork to grace your bodacious bod:))). Better luck with Melbs IVF love - big hugs to you both xoxo

  5. Ziggy looks so handsome in that photo what a little poser.Good Luck with the IVF I have been there myself and know how exhausting it can all be.I cant wait to see your photo shoot. You will look amazing.

  6. SO exciting! I would snap up one of your hats in a flash! Good luck with the IVF - please keep us posted, I'll be thinking of you.

    Sarah xxx