Monday, April 30, 2012

vintage my way

I've just been thinking about vintage and how people
wear it, lately. I personally like to take a beautiful vintage
piece and tart it up with a bit of colour. I also like to mix
in a bit of thrift, a bit of designer, a bit of a catwalk-
inspired look, and I cannot go past a KMart bargain.

How do you wear your vintage?

Vintage dress - etsy
Tights - Rubi
Cardy - Cotton On
Shoes - Wittner
Belt - Alannah Hill


  1. I'm down for any combo/degree of vintage/retro/modern/whatever :)

  2. I like mixing it up too. I'm a bit of a tomboy at heart so I love mixing cute vintage blouses and cardigans with a pair of blue jeans. That's not to say that I don't have a whole wardrobe of vintage dresses... I just tend to look at them more than wear them!

  3. I wear the real thing, 80's-does-50's repros and some modern pieces as well as long as they look good together and are thrifted/2nd hand. To me vintage is also an eco-friendly choice, I only buy things like tights as new.

  4. You always make vintage really pop with your colour combos. I tend to be all over the place, I like the bedraggled Opehila look, thrown in with a nod to Barbara Stanwyck and a 1950s teenage delinquent. A girl likes to mix it up you see ;) xxx

  5. that´s just the way i love to wear vintage too! with colours, colours and more colours;) gorgous your red tights and cardi with this dress!

  6. love all of this!

  7. I tend to mix vintage and contemporary clothes although I need to stop keeping stuff for best and wear it every day. You look stunning, you're like Helga and suit every colour ever. xxxx

  8. you look amazing! I am with you 100% I like to wear my vintage with colour, and I love to wear modern shoes with it, too!

  9. I like to wear a vintage item in its era, ie a 50's dress with 50's style shoes, coat etc. Or just with a bright colour. I love the dalmation shoes!

    Babes,you just keep working it SO fine!
    I like mixing it up too,life's too shot to be picky!XXX

  11. Wow, the shoes! pink and grey looks superb. in response to your questions (thank you for always commenting by the way :D) no, I didn't go to Lafayette, how I wish we had, but our schedule was so packed! Next time I shall. Of course there was harassment from gypsies, but unlike other girls on the trip, I was able to fend them off from past experience. And I bought heaps, which I shall show later but I'll tell you here: quite a few blouses from H & M and Zara, one with pelicans, flowers, kittens, cable stitch jumper. Stamps, vintage postcards, the theme to amelie in a music box, a compact and nougat and leonidas chocolate. and some cookbooks, and a dress from H&m (I'm in love with H&m!! it's the only place I could get kids clothes when I lived in Ireland, so it brought back fond memories.) This has been such a long comment, I'm probably over the limit if there is one! Oops.