Sunday, April 15, 2012

jeans recommendation for aussie ladies

I'm currently besotted with the new Girl Express coloured jeans
in KMart. At only $19, they hit stores last week and are being
snapped up quick smart, which is no surprise as they are comfy,
super-soft and a nice cut. My picks are the hot pink (above) and the
kelly green -  yes, I bought them both, but for $19, I'd be crackers
not to. I tired them on, which I rarely do, and I'm pleased I did. I
decided for my personal look, sizing up was the thing to do.


  1. I had sizing issues with the normal $9 kmart jeans and went back and there was none in the next size. I've never tried coloured jeans before. Can't wait to see how you style them. x

  2. Bargainous and I love coloured jeans! It's funny you should write this one up today Miss Porkchop, I've hit my one year no-jeans anniversary and I thought I'd share some thoughts on it. I too can't wait to see how you style these up:)) xoxo

  3. Are they particularly vintage inspired? I love coloured jeans but hate the modern low rise look. How do these sit?

  4. I work casual at Kmart while at uni, I snapped up a pair of aqua coloured ones the minute they came in ;)