Saturday, April 28, 2012

uses for holey tights

I like to be as environmentally friendly as possible, hence I'm
always trying to repurpose stuff. I have a cupboard in my laundry,
full of old cotton knickers I can use to polish stuff, old towels for
drying the pugs after baths, and I have a huge tangled ball of tights 
that have been breeding over the years and I have not used a
single pair... until now. Thanks to an article by Jo Walker in this
months Frankie mag for the following, fantastic tips.

* Cut off a leg and use as a bag to wash your lingerie in.

* Cut widthways like calamari and use as hair ties.

* Fill one foot with oats, lavender, chamomile, herbs or rose
petals, tie off and toss in your bath for a delicious soak.

* Chop down into socks.

* Stuff a leg with potpurri, tie off with ribbon and pop
in your drawer to keep your clothes smelling sweet.
Lavender, mint or cedar chips will keep the moths away.

* As a lens filter onyour camera for a dreamy look.

* Make toys or pillows and fill with old tights.

* Stuff in the toes of shoes, so they keep their shape.

* As an onion keeper: pop in an onion, tie off, another onion,
tie off; keep in a dark place; cut onions off and use as needed.


  1. Great tips! I'll be hacking my old tights up if you need me...

  2. Ha ha...the "onion keeper" idea makes me laugh...I'm picturing polka dotted and crazy-colored strings of onions hanging in the pantry :-)

  3. Brilliant ideas! Am now following and looking forward to gearing more about your chicken.Rx