Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sprucing up my vintage kitchen cabinet

You may remember this... "festive" contact that lined my
lovely vintage kitchen cabinet. As delightful as it was, I
decided that perhaps something a little softer might be nice.
So I went into Zetta Florence and purchased a couple of
beautiful pieces of wrapping paper and relined my cabinet.


  1. I love the print that you picked very pretty. This Easter was my first ever easter egg hunt so you are not the only one who missed out when growing up.

  2. Oh gawd the orange is making my eyeballs very happy, yet the soft green with birdies is exquisitely perfect with your "new" cabinet. You should show the pics to the dear who gifted to you - I'm sure she'll love it!! xo

  3. Love that bird paper! My favorite color, too. :)

  4. So very pretty!! Chomby sends a nose bonk back to your bunnies! x

  5. I think it looks great! I like the blue better than the orange and red. I hate messing with contact paper!

    Mabel Time