Sunday, April 8, 2012



I'm currently obsessing about building my 2012  winter wardrobe.
It will emcompass fur, glitter, lace, velvet, polka dots, brocade, hats,
 flowers, fancy tights and vintage dresses. I've been mostly shopping
online (sometimes from my bed). Etsy still rules supreme, and
Modcloth and ASOS still feature heavily, but atm I'm wild about UK
Topshop, and last night I put in a big-arse Forever 21 order. Happee.

Working on...

I don't talk about this that much, as it really has nothing to do with my
personal style, and at this stage, that is what my blog is, a style blog.
Anyway, "this" is the fact that my lovely long-term partner is female.
We decided maybe four years ago that we would like to start a family. It's
been a long, uphill battle but we are getting closer by the day and
hopefully this year, we'll have some exciting news to share with you all.  

Thinking about...

I'm doing a weekend workshop, soon, to learn how to make vintage-style
textured hats and half-hats, which I'm so jazzed about. We'll be making
our first hat over that weekend, so I'm busy researching and trying to
work out what I want my first millinery masterpiece (lol) to look like.


We've been invited to a delicious Tasmanian winter wedding in June, which
we're really looking forward to. The couple have been together for a long time
and they are one of the sweetest couples. Also, I get to buy myself a new dress
for the occassion (okay, so I've already purchased it - '60s, ice blue). Weddings
 are a great excuse to go all out and put together a super-special outfit head-to-toe.

Listening to...

1980s compilation tapes. We listen to these all day at work and have amassed
quite the colelction. 1987 Right onTrack is our all time fav and it gets at least
one spin daily. It includes such gems as Lean on Me, Male Stripper, Boom
Boom Boom, and Right on Track. If anyone has any eg 1984 Hits Huge, 1982
Out of the Blue, 1982 With a Bullet etc, let me know, and if you don't have a
need for them, we'll buy them from you.


Due to seasonal changes I'll be swapping my breakfast from muesli to
porridge, and my lunch from tuna and salad to soup. I'm trying to cut down
on caffeine due to baby-making attempts-that's my only vice and I'm a true addict.


I could nap every day. I try to squeeze a two-hour nap in every Saturday
and Sunday and if I could just work out how to fit one, daily, into my
working week, I would be the happiest little camper alive.

I discovered the "Currently" post published by Danielle on her
Sometimes Sweet blog. She's happy for everyone to give it
a bash. You should too, it's super-fun and I've found it
interesting to read lots of other people's takes on this post.


  1. I really hope that you are pregnant soon. You two are going to be the best mums.

    And I love your work tape collection.

  2. Your winter wardrobe is sounding great. I have dreams of making an amazing green coat but I need to track down an appropriate has to be WOOL of course.

    The wedding in Tassie will be ace! Tassie in winter is so lovely. I think those places which people complain about for being cold, should be enjoyed at their coldest.

    Really interested to hear about your millinery course? Who is that through? Sounds like something right up my alley!

  3. I'm soo thrilled that you are both trying for a bubs. I have watched my cousin and her wifes journey over the past three years and hopefully this year is also their and your year..oh and our too lol.

    xxx Rosina

  4. What beautiful, beautiful plans - I hope they all come to fruition xx

  5. I wish you all the best luck this year!!!

    Also I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to buy some bright coloured tights!!! Now I just need the courage to wear

  6. Winter shopping is fun! I have been doing a lot of nesting, cleaning, re-stocking, etc...Mmm! I too am a muesli and porridge freak! yummo. I really hope we hear some exciting baby news soon! Sending some super womanly, maternal vibes your way :) Xxxxx

  7. I wish you luck in the Project Baby! It's great to be a mum, I can tell you. :)

  8. Dethrose Vintage on Etsy has a fantabulous Ice blue Princess 60's dress with lots of beads. It would look divine on you.....wonder if they still have it?? Off to check.

  9. I hope there's happy news of a little porkchop! I like this format so I might nick it. I'm discovering my love for tuna salad topped with seeds. You must show us your new dress!

  10. Aww yay! Good luck on getting pregnant! The world needs a Miss Tallulah Porkchop Jr. Or would it be Miss Tallulah Porkchop III? Since there's already the dog and the blog?

    This is a good list of things.
    Since you're switching to porridge (is that oatmeal)? maybe I should stop eating breakfast in the car on the way to work. It'd be a good change.

    Feral cats can be skittish sometimes! U-tinky is a feral cat. She's really come a long way, but I think she secretly hates me lol. Good luck to your mum!

    Bagel and U-tinky are COWS this week because it's their birthday! Bagel is already 3! And U-tinky is 2.

    Mabel Time

  11. Good luck with your baby plans!
    Your winter wardrobe sounds like it's full of lots of things I love too.
    Hats! I love hats! Looking forward to seeing what you make.
    Sleeping... God I love sleeping. Can't ever seem to get enough...
    Get it while you can, with a Baby Porkchop around, there will be a shortage! xxxx

  12. Oooh, how exciting - good luck on the baby front :)

    And yay for winter soups! yum!!

    Talitha xx

  13. I wishing you luck your baby plans!! I've been wanting to place a forever 21 order after buying some items while in the US but the postage costs puts me off when its more then my order total. x

  14. Ohh I love this post. Good luck on the baby making! Thats SOOO exciting! It seems like I'm reading so many blogs where people are wanting to have a baby/pregnant it's giving me baby fever!! Must wait...must wait.


  15. What a wonderful idea, I might indeed give it a go too! And a winter wedding in Tassie, beautiful! Good luck with your plans too :)

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