Wednesday, April 18, 2012

international giveaway - frankie mag

Lovely ladies of the world (not inc Australia), every two months, I
give you all an opportunity to sample the loveliest magazine in all of
Australia. It's overfloweth with fashion, music, rants, craft, amazing
people with extraordinary stories. This issue features a story about
men and their dogs. All you need to do is be a follower and leave a me
comment telling me about your favourite man. or dog. I'l draw the and
publish the winner on in one week, on Wednesday 18th April.
The winner is chosen by random number generator.

*Aussie ladies, as promised, a Lula will be available for your
winning as soon as it is released. I am stalking my local newsagent.


  1. Ohhh there IS a new Frankie out! I must go grab one ASAP!
    Will be looking for the heads up for the next Lula too :D

  2. oh, I'd love to see what it's all about. My favourite man is ewan macgregor - he's so draemy. he looks tasty as a drug addict and a bearded biker. and that voice! aaaah!

  3. I'm in! I love all kinds of mags. And my favourite man is my husband, who's a writer, a nice dad and handsome, too :)

  4. We used to have a gorgeous Staffy called Quincy. He was a lovely pup and he had a thing for possums. He would stand below a tree, barking at the possum nest all day long! One day, when my parents were renovation, Dad knocked down a beam and a possum came flying out. Quincy chased it around the yard and at one point, while crossing a makeshift bridge over a ditch with pipes in it, fell and shattered his front left leg :( He had to have it amputated! But he coped very well and went on to live for another 3 or 4 years as a little 3-legged pup...

    My favourite moment was when Mum threw a ball into a lake for him, but quite a bit further than usual...he was already getting tired, bit ignored us when we tried to persuade him not to go and fetch it! So in he went, wagging his tail as he swam! He got so far that we all ran around to the other side and encouraged him to keep swimming across! He made it (and slept very well that night)!!!!

    My favourite doggy moment :)

    xx Claire

  5. My family is a man and a dog. James and Ollie. They're amazing. My dog is pretty freaking adorable. I spent most of the morning petting and playing with him. I hate to leave him for work.

    He's right here if you want to see him.

  6. Oh, count me in please!

    My favorite dog is my little mutt Banjo, naturally. She looks like a tri-colored fox and is living with my dad while I'm at university, but my semester's almost over and then we'll be reunited :) (I was an only child, so my pets have taken on sibling status, haha)

  7. Am I too late?

    My favorite dog was Elliot, a large gray and white dog who we had for about 2 months before I had such a violent allergic reaction, I ended up in the emergency room (and we had to give him away)! :(