Sunday, April 29, 2012

lazy sunday

Photo shoot with Emily, the ex-battery chicken who now lives
with me, to educate people about International Respect Day for
Chickens Day on Friday May 4th. Please don't buy caged eggs.
Emily, and her sister May, were cage-chickens and take it from
them, it was a torturous existence. They are happier now, being
free-range ladies. Please always buy cage free eggs.

Gorgeous, fellow-blogger Donna enjoyed the hair-bow I
made myself seen here so much, I made her one to wear
in the colour of her choice to her upcoming wedding reception.  
I hope she likes it.

Lazed around with the cats and pugs in front of the heater.
Here is the real Tallulah Porkchop using one of her toys
as a very comfy pillow. Aint she the cutest???


  1. So cute! I love that your hens were rescued from the battery farm. Those are truly awful places and I couldn't imagine how anybody could even think to eat eggs from there.

  2. I love the hair bow SO much!!!!!!!!!! Thank you zillions!!!!!!!! <3

  3. aw what a cutie pie! both the puppy and the chicken.
    You are awesome to save a life, and I agree..if anybody is going to eat eggs they should be free range for sure!

  4. It's great!!! I'm against caged eggs, I don't buy them, I hope that all people do the same!! :))

  5. Aww, Emily and her sister are two lucky hens!! And it's great you're spreading awareness of this :)

    Luckily for us, two of our neighbors both keep chickens (in lovely spacious yards!) so we buy eggs from them. I think their eggs actually taste a lot better than the supermarket ones, too ;)

  6. Yay - I'm a chook rescuer too! I used to have a blog called Days Of Our Chooks!

    Your lovely Tallulah looks like a super smoochy girl - please give her a snuggle for me.

    Sarah xxx

  7. I'm such a big fan of Emily, chickens are so entertaining I could watch them all day. Same with pugs - Tallulah is just so saaaadd, look at her face!! I love the bow! Maybe you need to do a tutorial? xxxxx

  8. So cute! Yay for saving battery hens. Lovely Sunday :)