Saturday, January 14, 2012

proposed outfits for next week

Does anyone else do this? On the weekend, I have a look at the
weather for the upcoming week and get some outfit ideas together. Living
in Melbourne, I know that it could be 40 degrees or 14 degrees during
the day in the middle of summer, so I usually have to tweak eg add
stockings or a cardy, swap a short sleeved shirt for a long sleeved one as
the week unfolds. Anyway, this saves me time each morning,
 I already have the outft "built" and I add or subtract
accessories before I leave the house. Ta da!


  1. I tend to plan in my head and jot little pictures too remind me, but this is a great idea x

  2. OMG you are so organised. I have a boring uniform to wear to work each day so I dont have many choices to make each day. That's why on the weekend I wear about 3 different outfits to make up for it hehehe.

  3. Sometimes, if I'm organized. I use to try & hang combinations in my wardrobe but it got to cluttered (& it is already cluttered enough!) ... Maybe I should try & plan 2 outfits for a week. Hmmm ...

    Kel xo

  4. your so organised. generally my outfit choices occur hurriedly that morning, in which I throw all my clothes onto the floor. Later that day I have to face the music and clean it up, haha.
    the first dress looks divine and I'm loving the print on the third day.

  5. So very organised! I don't even think about what I'm going to wear until the very last minute x

  6. Such a good idea! Hopefully Melbourne's weather improves next week. The lace dress with the flower is just gorgeous. xx

  7. I used to do this when I was in high school and now I can't be bothered :) It was a nice way to not have to rush in the morning, though.

    Mabel Time

  8. Yep, I totally do this too. I don't have the brain power for fashion dilemmas in the morning. Love those black and red blouses :)