Friday, January 27, 2012

another wall of the dressing room

I am obsessed with what the other half and I call old, manky
flower pictures. Here are a couple of new ones that are now
hanging in the dressing room.


  1. Steamers are great for vintage clothes. Most times you can steam instead of washing delicate vintage clothing especially if you have only worn it for a few hours out to dinner or the such. Keeps the clothing fresher for longer.

    Steaming is gentler than the iron so I use it on all my vintage instead of ironing. I also use it at the vinatge fair as things seems to get creased in the travel to and from.

    This steamer I am getting was only $49 (from i think$160) on the 'scoopon or groupon' email deal. I ordered it start of Jan and I am still waiting. Hopefully it comes soon. I NEED it.

    I will let you know what this one is like when I get it. Some steamers are great, some not so much. My friend has one that leaves water marks. I have my fingers crossed that this one is good.

  2. lol, old & manky flowers :) Nice touch.

    I also love the dressmakers dummy, do you use it?

    I was going to get one on eBay if it wasnt too $$

    Talitha xx

  3. I love your old manky flower frames! my mother has one in her kitchen, that I have begged to bring back home with me. she loves it to death to say the least! someday it will be mine.