Thursday, January 5, 2012

velvet, pearls and lace

Sister Jane top from ASOS that I got cheap-as-chips on sale
Velvet skirt thrifted from the Salvos
Shoes from Target
Socks were $1 tights at the end of winter from Myer that I cut into socks

The ring is Pandora, which usually I despise, but my sister gave it to me for
my birthday and I love it. I'm trying to experiment with b/ground, I am loving this one.
What else can I tell you? The hair is hair is higher and tighter than usual and
I am loving it. Oh, and this is my first sock and heel outing ever!


  1. I love this outfit!! Such a lovely mix of fabrics and your hair is just adorable!

  2. I LOVE socks & heels but i don't feel i can pull it off. You're working it exceptionally well! Also, how great are those Target shoes? I have them too & they're sooo comfy!

  3. Hello missy, Love your lace top, gorgeous. And I love love reading your comments you leave me!

    Le Chat a bridesmaid, about a Meow of Honour?

    Talitha xx

  4. Love the graffiti laneway as the backdrop for these photos and you look great in your socks and heels.

  5. Absolutely beautiful image. I love your pin-up style. You are beautiful and unique and have a lovely warm smile <3

  6. the socks and heels work perfectly on. hopefully the first of many such outings!

  7. You look so adorable and fabulous!!! I love the socks and heels look, reminds me of my Catholic school days. And I really love your graffiti background!

    Mabel Time