Friday, January 20, 2012

gorgeous modcloth dress

Me wanty.


  1. oh what a fabulous dress darling! i love the boats on it! i want summer now to wear dresses like that;)

  2. Did you get anything from their massive sale? I refrained, but only because I'd already reached my spending limit at ASOS.

  3. orange and blue is one of my favourite colour combos, so this is tipety top for me! I adore Modcloth and it was the 1st online store (apart from ebay) I ever looked at, but surprisingly I have never bought anything from there. It'll happen some day...

    Sorry for the babble.

  4. Oh this dress is stunning. I can see it - being worn the Ocean, a place to watch the waves go by as the dress sways.!!

    sending you happy spells

  5. I was eyeballing this dress too! Then I bought a coat from them instead. Heres for hoping for sales! :P