Sunday, January 29, 2012

review of betty mag

I recently mentioned a cute new mag I had just discovered, Betty.
I ordered, and she has arrived. I know some of you were interested
in how I found it, so here it goes. For anyone who knows Frankie,
Betty is a definitely a member of the same family - say her
 younger, Brit cousin - she's choc-full of lovely photographs 
and cute illustrations. For six pounds, I found the 65-page, second issue
well worth the money. There are lipstick reviews, an interview with
the fabulous blogger Susie Bubble, scrummy recipes, and some rather
fabulous fashion-spreads. May Miss Betty continue to thrive.


  1. O,sweets,just spotted your new dresser!!!EEK!It's DIVINE!
    O,yay that Betty is a good read, I wonder if I'll be able to find it over here?
    Regarding white tights,not sure if it's a blogger thing?? But I love them! And cream ones.Damned difficult to keep clean though!
    The prices at the Musical sale were very good,real furs were priced over $30 and the few genuine vintage pieces were generally $25,but my most expensive buys were $10ea.Loads of stuff was $10 and under.Fark ME,it was fun!I found out last night that there was another vintage sale in town yesterday!!!Bloody hell!Prob just as well I didn't know,I need some pennies for when we come to Aus this week!Sarah is on the South Coast of NSW,quite a way from Melbourne,dammit!XXX

  2. Frankies cousion hey, got to keep it in the family and have a read of this one as well.

  3. This magazine looks brilliant, why in Gods name have I never seen it before? Good shout! Also had a little nose at yr new dresser, it's beautiful. I know the pain of not having a full-length mirror - something I hope to remedy soon - so I bet yr enjoying that!
    Why the hell would you ever give a pair of glittery shoes away?! Crazy lady...let me know if you end up making a pair yourself, although I bet the Toppers ones are just as fantastic :)
    Ciggy count = tragic. It went a bit downhill when my friend forgot I gave up and bought me a pack of Vogues. She knows I can't resist their slinky fabulousness. Bah.
    Black and white brigade are featured on my page, as requested! Daveycat was discovered in the toilet the other day - I do worry about her. Hope the menagerie is well!

  4. PS. OH WOW at yr Ballet Cats jumper a few posts ago!! Need that in my life...

  5. What a lovely review! I need to get my hands on an issue xo