Wednesday, January 11, 2012

vintage velvet and 1960s bridal headpiece

1950s velvet dress from etsy store nanapatproject.
1960s bridal headpiece from ebay.
Melissa shoes I customised myself.

I love the idea that I am wearing something that someone
walked down the aisle in. I hope they are still married and happy. :)


  1. Oh no... no wonder there is cat hair on the keyboard. Bagel must've been shopping online. I knew she must've been up to no good when she asked me to sign that "field trip permission slip." It must've been her credit card application. I'm glad you've reported this to me. I understand why she keeps her blog a secret...

    Mabel Time

  2. the customised shoes look swell with the velvet dress. love it all!

  3. Such a beautiful dress, you look really gorgeous in the third photo xx

  4. that's the perfect touch to a gorgeously simple dress. looking lovely miss tallulah!

  5. I'm so lucky I found your beautiful blog and photos. That is very cute dress, perfect for wedding. Charcoal Windowpane Suits is perfect jive for that kind of dress.