Sunday, January 15, 2012

sneak peek into my dressing room


  1. lol - mine is an open one too, so much better to get a general over look

  2. Whoa!!! I wish I had a room like this! I don't have the space :/ Your stuff is soooo nice, I'm jealous :)

    Mabel Time

  3. Ummm, wow. Your dressing room looks amazing. My housemate and I are tempted to rent a 3 bed next year so we can use one room as a walk-in wardrobe.

    Also, looking back about your post about wardrobe planning, I totally do that! Saves a hell of a lot of time and stress in the morning. You must have the best collection of blouses I have ever seen.

    The cat won't stop meowing whilst I type this, so I'm going to guess she's asking me to say 'hi' you you from her!

    Yr advice on my post was spot on, by the way, so many thanks :) x

    I wanna PLAY in there!
    Let's have a closer look.....XXX

  5. Wow, I'd give half my clothes just to have a neat closet. :-D
    Maybe I just need the ability to keep my actual closet clean.... Hmmmm....