Sunday, January 8, 2012

customising my melissa shoes


Nuded up.

Final product.

Now, I didn't do this for fun, or to be different. I've had these
shoes for a couple of years and they have served me well. I have
danced, partied and worked in these babies ... often a little too
enthusiastically, resulting in plastic bows that may at first look
to be entire, but are actually in many, many pieces and are being
precariously held together with hope, superglue and blutack.
So I'm being proactive and replacing the bows before they start
looking like a disgrace. I did email Melissa Australia to get replacement
bows and I was told they SELL the shoes, not MAKE them, hence
don't have "spare parts" - how odd is that? So I bought some grossgrain
ribbon from Spotlight today and got to with with a needle and
thread, and a bit of fabric glue. I'm super happy with the results.


  1. Superglue and his best buddy blutack have saved my life over and over.....

  2. very resourceful. hmm... you've got me thinking about customising shoes. might give it a try myself.

  3. These are cute! Well done.
    BTW fringe growing out is going OK. There are good days & bad, but blow drying is my best friend.

  4. Brilliant idea! Melissa's are great :-)

  5. they turnd out really pretty!!! I love this kind of activity.When I transform a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, I'm actually as happy to wear them as they were brand new :)

  6. I like them even better with the grossgrain bows! Sarah xxx

  7. The shoes are pretty, really cute <3

  8. They look great! I cannot make bows to save my life, but you've inspired me to customise some of my old I WILL!

  9. How crafty of you! They turned out great.

    My mom is 61, so if you're saying you're 61, you look amazing!!!!!

    LOL! Now I really want to know how old you are :)

    Mabel Time

  10. Melissa shoes are made in Brazil but even the factory there doesn't sell spare parts, which is really unfortunate to Melissa lovers like myself.

  11. Jaw dropping shoes! Love the design so much. Please do post some mens suit designs like tuxedos and 3 button suits.