Saturday, February 25, 2012

currently reading...

Biographies are my favourite type of book to devour, but I find they're either
brilliant or rubbish, with no in between - this one falls in the former category.

Some of you may remember me recently lamenting that I didn't finish a single
book last year. Although I didn't make it a resolution, I've already
finished two and I'm chewing my way through this one, my third.

I love Issie, I just love her. To me, she is ridiculously fabulous and inspiring
 (apart from the suicide bit). :(


  1. Ooo this looks like it would be a good read, i might just have to purchase this one myself.



  2. She was indeed fabulous. One of the worst bits of my former job was having to relay to her that the college would not pay her for her styling one of the student's collections.... awkward moment...

    Love biographies too - just read Patti Smith's Just Kids and now on Kristin Hersh's Rat Girl. x

  3. I love reading biographies other people's lives are so fascinating. Watched a really good documentary on her and her friendship with Alexander McQueen. xxx

  4. You're right about bios. It always takes me days to put the bios in order at work because I always sit on the floor and skim through them and look at all of the pictures and tell people i don't work there when they ask when they need help. I don't know who the subject of this book is, but congrats on all of your reading accomplishments! I haven't finished a book since 2009....

    Mabel Time

  5. perfect book for you and all your hats ;p

  6. Is this the bio written by her husband? There's another one by a fashion writer named Lauren Goldstein Crow that came out at the same time. I heard that this one has more intimate info about her, but the other is more well-written. Guess I'll have to read both!