Sunday, February 5, 2012

home decorating

I have felt the need, recently, to redecorate our home.
This is the wall in the dining room, off the kitchen.
We have been collecting old flower pictures and  I
think we need a couple more and this wall is done.

I'm collecting pretty plates to do another wall in
this room. My other half and I are having so much
fun rummaging around secondhand stores.

We are planning to do the hallyway out like this as
well - with horse pictures. I also want to do another
wall with ship pictures. So  fun, so effective.


  1. I also redecorated today! Your wall looks lovely. :)

  2. This looks absolutely lovely Tallulah!

  3. Looks lovely!!! I have just bought a new doonah cover and i'm so in the mood to paint and redecorate the bedroom.

  4. had a very similar idea last week for our living room as you can seen here:

  5. Love the colour on the wall against the gold and flowers looks amazing! x

  6. brilliant idea! I'm a horror for buying pictures/paintings - I live at home still and have got a loft full of them from when I had my own place (damn you recession!)

  7. Very cool! My walls are covered with the terrible artwork of my boyfriend's sisters. They always give is this stuff and I think it sucks, but I think it's funny to display bad art. They're also really into pottery and for Christmas they gave me this complete set of brown and tan cups they made. I was like, thanks guys, you did great making these! But what I wanted to say was when you look at me do you really think I'd own brown and tan clay cups? Also they look like the dishes from the Last Supper.

    Mabel Time

  8. Oh what a beautiful wall! I really love all the different frames, especially the ornate gold one; it looks so nice with the wall color. I'm excited to see what your wall of ship pictures looks like, too!

  9. Such a lovely looking wall. I want to do something like that in my house, put random pretty vintage things all over the walls!
    Also in response to your question (which my blog then deleted for some reason?) I live just near Sydney! Thanks so much for adding my blog to your blog roll as well, the blogs you have listed there are so amazing so I'm really flattered to be listed among them :)
    I hope you're having a lovely day!
    Annika xx

  10. Your wall looks great, I love the colour and the pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy your decorating! XxxX