Friday, February 3, 2012

dita for target lingerie - feb 8th

Goes on sale the morning Feb 8th. They are selling online as well, I did some
investigating and they're not shipping internationally. I'll endeavour to nab
something to give away to the overseas ladies. I'm not sure how much stock 
 there'll be, the quality, price point etc etc... and I may live to regret this,
but if there is anything any of you ladies overseas MUST have, I could probably
arrange something. And the sizing goes up to size 20 in briefs and 20E in bras.
For those in Australia that don't have the day off, set up your online account now.


  1. I need one of everything. If you need me on the evening of Feb 7 I'll be sleeping in the doorway of my local Target store. Will call now to check they're stocking it x

  2. oh my I really want the leopard print merry widow, do you know how much it is retailing for hun?

  3. I have been so excited about this i didn't even bother reading your entire post before commenting. My only concern is the size range - some of us fill more than an E cup!

  4. I may have to have a sickie and go to Target.

  5. Im willing to get something for you out here in the states! im in california and we have targets all over the place!

  6. I think that is a great idea!!!!!! I don't get it. She's from MICHIGAN. You don't get any more American than that! She should sell her collection here, too :(

    Mabel Time

  7. Ahhh! Thank you Tallulah!! Flipppinnnnng oh my goodnessssss!!

  8. I adore Dita and this collection is amazing! She is beautiful! XxxX