Thursday, February 16, 2012

unworn headband

I love her, but have never worn her, so thought I'd do a
photoshoot so she gets worn. She's a tad big for everyday wear.
Headband, Alannah Hill.


  1. So cute, I have a lot of headbands but they always give me a headache after five mins of wear! xx

  2. Oh she's lovely your collection of head bands is stunning.

  3. love it - that pink suits you perfect!

  4. I love that shade of pink, great headband, want one xxx

  5. A tad big? I guss we have different ideas about that - there's no such thing!!! You look so gorgeous in it I think you should wear it tomorrow, to work. Sarah xxx

  6. How lovely!!!!

    I want a pet ocelot!

    I also think, "stop, Mabel time" when I see my blog. My boyfriend does, too lol.

    The lady they hired at work is 61 and when she came to my desk looking for my boss (who was at lunch) for her interview, I thought she was just another library patron. She looks like the organ player at my old church. I'm trying not to be judgmental, but I don't think we're going to be kindred spirits lol.

    Mabel Time

  7. oh but this is a very cute headband especially worn with pearls;) darling i received the package today and the cherry headband is soooo cute and gorgous, i´m already wearing it today and will post it later, even my brother said it´s cute. i was so excited when saw the postman with this priority mailpackage, supercute sticker by the way;), oh i´m so happy happy happy with that headband! thank you again, it was the first giveaway i won and i love it so much;)
    big kiss,mary