Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ebay impulse bid i won

I am going to have to shortened to just below the knee.
Thoughts on this please. Does anyone else do this? Just
start impulsively slapping bids on things, not expecting
at all to win. Have I mentioned it is going to be 31C
 degrees, tomorrow? Be needing this dress - NOT! :/


  1. That's gorgeous, can't wait to see how it looks hemmed! I had a little eBay binge last month; it wasn't too pretty for my pocketbook, but I just couldn't stop. Oh well, at least it's a healthier addiction than drugs! ;)

  2. Oh yes i am guilty of doing that. Sometimes I realize that its not that nice of an item and I resort to selling it on Etsy. :\

  3. haha but darling you never need a dress you always want it;) and i know what you talking about it´s the thrill of the bid, but i think the dress will look fabulous on you, especially shortened!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. Yes... all the time, I get greedy. Doing the opposite to you and buying summer dresses when its -1 outside. It's a lovely dress, better when shortened and you use the left over material for other stuff x

  5. I love it love it love it love it... turn the bottom into a mini skirt. Or a wrap. Or a turban!!!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Yes this is our home in London! What a great find... worth it for next year if you can't wear yet. Yes I am also an impulsive ebay bidder! :)

  7. I do it all the time, I think I get possessed when I'm on eBay and can't help myself. Don't alter it, it's perfect as it is! x

  8. Gorgeous fabric! Keep the offcuts when you shorten it, you could make a mini skirt :)

    Talitha xx