Tuesday, February 21, 2012

darling deer tapestry

Look what I thrifted for my dressing room, today!
I'm totally besotted with it ($15). If you're wondering
"What's with the house posts, why no outfit posts?"
Well, I have two weeks off work to enjoy the end
of summer and I'm lazing about in bikinior house
dresses with no makeup and unwashed hair, so there
is nothing fashionable going on. But I will be heading
out, to somewhere other than local thrift shops
tomorrow, and I'll be chanelling Prada. Stay tuned
for photographic evidence. :)


  1. I also have a lovable tapestry framed and dedicated by a fellow I interviewed some years ago. He spends his time working tapestries and donating them to people, charities.... admirable fellow.

  2. Love this! I have a soft spot for anything tapestry. Great find :)

  3. I think your posts involving your house are always really fun, so I definitely don't mind the lack in fashiony posts! ^.~ The tapestry is beautiful, and I love the pieces you paired it with as well!

  4. love it! reminds me that I saw a micky mouse ice skating one recently and I didn't buy it! argh

  5. Is this cross-stitched? It's pretty awesome. I cross-stitched a thing that says f!@# in between 2 hearts. It's on my wall. You know what word I'm talking about, right? The "f" word? I don't want to swear on your blog lol

    Mabel Time