Monday, February 27, 2012

in the mornings

And fifteen minutes later...


  1. with make up or without it, you are still very beautiful.

  2. Aww aren't you cute! I do my makeup in the bathroom at work. I'm so unprofessoinal!!!!

    I would LOVE to visit you in Australia. Maybe if I hit the lottery!

    Bagel won cat of the week this week. U-tinky threw up on the floor and Bagel dragged my boyfriend's flip flop over and covered up the puke. I thought that was sweet :) But I cleaned up the puke for real. I have tile floors so luckily, it's easy. I feel like I'm always telling you stories about the cats puking lol.

    Poor waffle!!! I hope he's having a good vet visit today!

    Mabel Time

  3. Bahaha,that second pic is so SHAZZAM! You DO look fabulous with or without makeup!!! I do love the things a gal can do with the stuff!

  4. Love this post, you look beautiful before and after! (but I love seeing the transformation) :) xox

  5. You're so crazy :D I love how you use that type and pretend it's a photocam :D I agree with everybody - you look fabulous with and without make up :)

  6. you're such a cutie! Love the cassette iphone cover! I do my make up on the bus. oops xxx

  7. i do it on the bus too but ppl here - in belgium- give me funny looks