Saturday, February 11, 2012

happy adventures, pickles

Mr Pickles went to his new home today. He is living with
my gorgeous friend Caroline and her children Lachie and Hannah.
No doubt he will be spoiled to bits. We promise to visit soon. xx


  1. aww mr pickles!! how adorable is he. I love kittens too. I have a big fat one, black and white too. His name is Pops and he is the cutest thing ever. But look at Mr. Pickles, that cute little face of his just melts my heart.

  2. So glad that he has found a loving home to go to.

  3. look at that FACE! what a sweet pea. and what a cute name, too!

  4. I'm SO HAPPY you found him a home, especially one you can visit.

    Big cats are awesome!!! There's a big cat sanctuary not too far from where I live called The Big Cat Rescue and they take in all of the big cats that dumbass people try to keep as pets and find they can't handle it or abused cats or injured cats. I visited there a while back and I gave them like all of my money lol. And I'm sponsoring a little Ocelot :)

    You should check them out!

    And their YouTube channel is the best!!!!

    Mabel Time

  5. Your the best foster mum! Mr Pickles looks gorgeous and alert, I'm glad he has found his forever home.

    XX Rosina Lee

  6. What a total sweetie!!! Aw,it's so hard to let the babies go!
    Ooo,trying to catch up and am sweating with envy over your new Topshop shoes,loving the pugs on the beach pic and totally digging the turquise tights with that divine frock,necklace and shoes!XXX