Wednesday, February 15, 2012

fashion confessions

I have just been reading fashion confessionals and
laughing myself stupid. Anyone care to share? I'll go first.
* I wear fake hair that I buy for $17.95 off ebay (free shipping)
- see above photo :D
* Chloe Sevigny - I just don't get it.
* You will often find me in our chicken coop (that is literal) 
in my Prada heels, hence if you look closely at my shoes...
* I take all of my makeup off with eye makeup remover.
* I can't put false eyelashes on, no matter how many times I try.
* Sometimes I dab on concealer... and forget to blend it in ...
until I see my reflection in the bathoom mirror at work.
* I refuse to stop wearing fancy tights until you can SEE the holes,
if holes are concealed by the skirt, they are still FINE.
* I'm small but wear "tall" tights, becuase I like pull them up
and wear them just under my boobs - who knows why.
* My glasses are non-presciption.
* I wear a $20 watch.
* One the weekends, I wear tracksuit pants from the early '90s
that are paint-splattered and I wear them HIGH so my ankles are
exposed - so comfy!
Anyone else got something to get off their chest?


  1. Hahaha,fabulous! I don't get Chloe thingface either!!! AND I also wear tall tights,but mostly to get them over my girth,but I like them under my booboids too!Brillant!X

  2. When I paint my toenails, I paint my entire toe and I don't clean it up. I leave the "skin paint" on until it falls off naturally and then my toes look great after 3 days. I still wear open toed stuff during the 3 day window. I also have a ton of colored hair extension "streaks" that I often wear. I have purple, blue, pink, and a darker blue. Those are boring confessions.

    Mabel Time

  3. Hey! I saw your comment on Isabel of Hipster Musing's Vote for Pedro blog post. If you're still interested in purchasing one of my teen angst shirts, I'd be honored to make you one. Just go to

  4. Lol! This is to funny...
    *Im 4'11 and till this day, still wear little kids clothes. It fits me just right.
    *My hair is naturally wavy and i Always blow dry it straight and then curl it with the curling iron or pin curls.
    *when in a hurry I too forget to blend in my concealer and end up walking around with green spots on my face.
    *i always cut my pantyhose and turn them into stockings.

  5. Aha love this post. Err I have so many slightly embarrassing fashion related confessions. I too wear tights until the crotch is torn and my big toe is poking through. Sometimes I wear clothes that I know have food related stains but cover it with a brooch! Do you wear the fake hair with your hair up? I am intrigued! x

  6. Im short and get tall tights as well for some reason they are more comfortable. The rest of my list could go on and on. I am kind of wierd.

  7. I love this post! Ok I must confess...
    - I have freakily sharp toes that put holes in all my socks and stockings so I can never wear peep-toe shoes
    - I own a gazillion heels but scuff around in the same $3 op shop flats althouh they're falling apart, cause one day I'll be able to wear heels everywhere...*lol*
    - I wear crazy bag lady outfits to the supermarket, just cause I can.

  8. My only confession is that I only wear massive high-waisted full briefs. There are lots of nice lacy styles available now. I loathe & despise the way low cut briefs cut in below my stomach. Oh, and I will never perfect proper flicky eyeliner eyes.

  9. Fan of The Grande Dame now as I want to make the leap into wearing granny underwear, my belly just folds over these skimpy pants

  10. haha fun confessions :) its a great idea and i might do it as well for my blog!
    i love the last one with the tracksuit and i also dont get chloe sevigny.. :D

  11. Hahahah! You are funny!
    I like tall tights, too. I'm a short-arsed skinny but I prefer them to cover my boobs rather than waddle about like a penguin with a dropped crotch. xxx

  12. hahaha laughed my ass off!

    I also do the same with pulling up the tights under my boobs.....weird....

  13. The post and the above comments were all just fantastic!

    Here is my tidbits:

    - If I run out of blush I use pink eyeshadow and not necessarily the matte colors.
    - I refuse to get my pants hemmed because I want to wear them with both heels and flats. So I safety pin them on the insides. I also rarely wear heels with pants.
    - Lastly, I own a pair of ugg looking boots. They have holes in the soles and I still won't stop wearing them. They are tragic.

  14. Oh, I love the idea with the tights. I always get that unslightly belly line (the one where the tights cut your not so flat belly in two). I'm thinking tall ones up to my boobs will fix that!
    Kelly xo