Friday, February 17, 2012

oohhhh... big undies

I am tres excited as I've just come across these big undies
from Twila Jean Vintage on etsy. This is one of my fav etsy
stores offering beautiful dresses etc and now it looks like
Twila is offering us new vintage style undies at an awesome
price - $12 a pair. I am going to order a pair on payday and
shall model and review for you all. Discussions started
today and I discovered that we all love big undies. :D
Twila is also looking at selling matching bullet bras alas
there are none  available in my size - yet! Stay tuned. x


  1. Haha I love big undies! To be honest, I'm not a fan of bullet bras. My boobs just look better in modern bras. But bullet bras looks great on some people.

    Mabel Time

  2. O yeah!!! SO pretty! Jee,I'd LOVE a bullet bra to fit my booboids.I'd probably put someones eye out,but it would be sooo worth it! Gonna check these out!X

  3. I'm thinking about buying bullet bras cause I don't like the modern bras, prefer just sheer ones or not padded and I just luuuurve big undies :)

  4. What Katie did do bras in my size but I can't really afford them. Though I might treat myself. These beauties are much more affordable. I want some!

  5. Ooh I do love pretty big undies. Seriously, you'd think more designers would have cottoned onto the idea by now? These are lovely!

  6. I love big knickers, so comfortable and sexy! Never tried a bullet bra.

    Lucy xx

  7. I personally think bigger undies are sexy & flattering, but my husband thinks they are granny panties haha

  8. My husband can't stand them either... he calls then Granny Panties also! Not sure what I think of them. Maybe I'll get a pair and give them a whirl!

  9. Ooh lovely, will have to pick some up! x

  10. Wish my boyfriend appreciated big undies... I think they're incredibly sexy but he thinks they're just old ladies undies. So i don't even own one pair. *siiiiigh*