Friday, February 24, 2012

thrifted wool cape and '60s pumps

The week-long thriftathon has come to a close.
My two favourtie thrifts today were a $12 vintage
wool cape and a $3 pair of white '60s shoes.
Perfection. A few more pics to post tomorrow. x


  1. ARGH that cape is FANTASTIC. Finding a good quality vintage wool garment is always a happy thing. Good work!

  2. gorgie porgie! gotta love 60s plaid

  3. Oh man a week long thriftathon is exactly the kind of vacation I need! Awesome finds.

  4. That cape is devine (and the shoes are great too). I am bursting to go thrifting this weekend (two days without the children in tow... OH MY!).

  5. Oh sweet puppy in the lavender coat. It has even been a strange winter for us here in Canada... today we are taking a snow day, our first of the year (not that there is even that much out there... just wanted a snow day). Thank-you for sharing all the lovely pictures, you look lovely.